9 DG athletes to compete in Tokyo Olympics
2021-07-16 09:19     Source : Dongguan Today

Wang Kaihua

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which was postponed by one year, will finally start on July 23! According to the latest name list of the Chinese delegation announced on Wednesday, nine athletes were sent and trained by Dongguan City.

According to the Dongguan Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio and Television, Tourism, and Sports, nine Dongguan athletes from five events joined the Chinese delegation, which is the largest number of Dongguan athletes participating in the Olympic Games.

These athletes will represent the Chinese team in track and field, basketball, equestrianism, rowing and other events. They include Wu Ruiting in the triple jump, Wang Kaihua in race-walking; Li Yueru, Yang Liwei and Huang Sijing in women's basketball; Yang Shuyu in women's three-person basketball; Li Zhenqiang and Li Yaofeng in equestrian competition; Zhang Quan in rowing.

As the Tokyo Olympics draws near, their preparations for the Games have entered the final stage.

According to the schedule, Zhang Quan will be the first to compete as he will participate in the preliminaries for the men's quadruple sculls in rowing on July 23. The Chinese women's three-person basketball team and the Chinese women's basketball team will face their first opponents on July 24 and 27. On August 3, the men's triple jump qualification and equestrian jumping individual competition will begin. On August 5, Wang Kaihua, who has the ability to win gold in the race-walking event, will try his best to win the honor.

China will send a delegation of 777 members to the Tokyo Olympic Games. The delegation includes 431 athletes, among which 298 are female athletes and 133 males.  99.61 percent of the team have been vaccinated.

Editor: Chen Xiaoqian
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